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Two Part Meter Mix Dispensing
Two Part Meter Mix Dispensing Two Part Meter Mix Dispensing

Application :

This machine is developed to dispense the bead of two-part glue on round shaft before bearing fitment. The glue Part A and Part B are sucked from respected pail pumpsand fed to mixinghead. Individual flow rate as per desired ratio can be achieved through servo driven progressive cavity pumps provided at mixing head. Finally, both Part A & B get mixed by passing through static mixer connected to Metering PC pumps.

The mixing head mounted on X-Y-Z actuator or Cartesian Robot or Gantry System to apply the mixed material at desired location of component in rotary/ stationary condition. Inspection Camera Vision systemisprovided to checkthe continuity of bead dispensing.Autoflushing facility helps to avoid clogging of mixed material inside the mixing head.

Machine consists of

  • Mixing head and drum press is used for dispensing
  • Vision camera use for Bead, bearing and flange identification.
  • XYZ servo slide provided with servo motor to position the static mixer.
  • Custom controls, software, and multiple output PLCs available.
  • Area Light curtain sensor, door switch is provided to ensure Safety for the Operator.
  • Dispensing quantity 2-3gm in 3-6 sec.
  • Total load - 1.5 KVA
  • Supply - 3 phase 415 VAC
  • AC Voltage 220 VAC
  • DC Voltage - 24 VDC.
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